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 You will be picked up at home
 High success rate
 Cheap learning packages
 A  patient driving instructor
 Pay in instalments 
 Professional driving instructor
 Driving lesson card
 Learn the new style of driving

A smoke-free car

 Also for students with anxiety issues



Are you looking for a driving school in The Hague, Delft or the The Hague region? Then you came to the right place!  Welcome to the website of Safety Drivers. We are the driving school for you, not just because of our low prices, but also because we believe driving is more than simply knowing how to drive a car. And at Safety Drivers, ‘safety’ indeed is very important. In fewer driving lessons you will get more experience than at any other driving school, and you will also end up enjoying driving more. Through our many years of experience we know exactly what examiners look for, and how we can get you your driver’s licence as quickly as possible. This will save you time and a lot of money. So sign up now! See our list of locations below to find out if you can take driving lessons in your home town.

We give lessons in the following cities and environs:

The Hague / Den Haag, Voorburg, Rijswijk, Leidschendam, Wassenaar, Monster, Poeldijk, Wateringen, Honselersdijk, Schipluiden, Delft, Nootdorp, Pijnacker, Naaldwijk en Zoetermeer. Den Haag, Voorburg, Rijswijk, Leidschendam, Wassenaar, monster, Poeldijk, Watercourses, Honselersdijk Schipluiden, Delft, Nootdorp Pijnacker, Zoetermeer and Naaldwijk. For driving lessons in other cities, please consult with us.


The starter pack (lespakket)

The starter package is the ideal way to start your driving lessons at the lowest price possible. 
Based on an initial intake lesson we choose the package best suitable to you and your driving level. If you require additional lessons you can easily add more to your package (individual lessons price). And: if you end up needing fewer lessons than what you paid for we will refund you for the remaining lessons. 

In short, you always save money with a package!

 Click here to go to the discount lesson packages

Refresh driving course

Refresher Course (for those already in possession of their driver’s licence)

The refresher course is ideal for anyone who hasn’t driven in a long time. Or, alternatively, for people from India, Poland, Bulgaria or another country, that want to learn the Dutch traffic rules. 

We will support you in everything you’re struggling with. Such as: driving on the highway, priority rules at intersections, parking, and much more

 Call or sign up for the refresher course.

Free driving lesson movies

View free driving lessons movies click on the following link:

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