What services do we offer?

Learning to drive at driving school Safety Drivers has a lot of advantages. Click on the + sign to show the benefits. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us by email or phone 0641282873.

Home Pick-Up

Driving school Safety Drivers will pick you up from your home, workplace, or from any other agreed-upon place and return you home safely. At the A.N.W.B., you have to go to the school on your own, and will not be picked-up from your home place.

Emergency training / 10 days course

As per your requirements, we can arrange an 10 day course, or a emergency course of any other duration.

High success rate

We always strive for success, and our success rate has always been higher than the national average.

Cheap packages

Taking a package is cheaper than taking a series of single lessons. If you require only fewer lessons than what the package offers, we will refund the cost for the remaining classes. Most pupils attain success between 30 and 40 lessons, and the fastest learner with us has achieved it in 19 lessons. If you are not sure as to how many lessons you require, speak to our instructor. Our instructor will evaluate you when driving and advice you how many classes you would need, and which package best suits you.

Payment in Installments

We offer easy installment options on all our packages. You have the option to pay in monthly installments, with an extra cost of € 10 per month. So if you make a course payment of € 935,00 in three installments, (10 x € 10.00 = € 100.00), the amount you will pay becomes: € 935,00 + € 100,00 = € 1.035,00 / 10 = € 103,50 per month. You have the option of making the payment in up to 12 monthly installments, by making a contract and arranging someone who has work and is willing to stand guarantee.

Special care for Anxious Students

We take special care of anxious students. We will instruct them in small steps, gradually equipping them with the important skills to succeed and drive safely. Our driving instructors are very patient and make you comfortable when you make a mistake. Of course, he will intervene in time to prevent accidents. With sufficient practice, you become habituated to all the required abilities and your anxiety will lessen.

Professional driving instructors

The driving instructors at Safety Drivers take their profession seriously. They are aware of all the latest traffic regulations, and will make you practice in different traffic situations, to make you feel at home in all types of traffic situations.

Specially designed instruction card

We keep track of your progress with a specially designed instruction card that offers the required learning instructions critical during the driving exam. With this card, you and your driving instructor will know your strengths and weakness at the beginning of each lesson, and the driving instructor can work on your weakness.

New Driving Skills

With us, you learn when to change gear for economical and environmentally conscious driving. You also learn how to anticipate the traffic situation better.

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High Success Rate

Pay by instalments

Experienced instructors

Smart packages

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