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Refresher course

Our driving school in The Hague will help you to drive independently and safely again.


Everyone is welcome:

This course is intended for anyone who is in possession of a valid driving license B. We assist you with all elements of the driving lesson that you want, such as:

  1.  How to drive off or stop the car (gears, braking, and how to look)
  2.  Overtaking (within built-up areas and on motorways)
  3.  Entering the highway, exiting (speed, following distance, and viewing behavior)
  4.  Crossroads (identifying who has priority, speed of approach, viewing habits, etc.)
  5.  Right turn, left turn (watch behavior, insight)
  6.  Parking, turning around, and other special maneuvers
  7. Right of way at various intersections
  8. How to drive on the right side of the road if you are used to driving on the left side of the road.

Thanks to the refresher courseEven if you haven’t driven for years. We help you step by step to drive a car independently. Even if you start the first lesson with only steering. If you can handle more, we will teach you several things until you can do everything independently. Our driving instructors have double pedals so that we can take over the car if necessary.

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