Why is our refresher course?

Refresher courseOver the years, many traffic rules have changed or been updated. In practice, however, many road users are not aware of such changes. The traffic has become busier and many road users are not very comfortable, and this is partly the cause for a lot of accidents in traffic, on a daily basis. This refresher course offers you the opportunity to brush up your knowledge of traffic rules, and more importantly update your “traffic insight.” It will also help to achieve road safety in the country!


Everyone is welcome:

This course is intended for anyone who is in possession of a valid driving license B. We assist you with all elements of the lesson that you have trouble with, such as:

  1.  Drive off or stop (gears, braking and viewing behavior)
  2.  Overtaking (within built-up areas and on motorways)
  3.  Entering highway, exiting (speed, following distance, and viewing behavior)
  4.  Crossroads (identifying who has priority, speed of approach, viewing habits, etc.)
  5.  Right turn, left turn (watch behavior, insight)
  6.  Parking, kerbing, inclining, and other special maneuvers
  7.  All other elements where you have difficulty

Thanks to the refresher courseFor a refresher, we first put everything together. We discuss situations where you think to have trouble. Then we work on these, and in the end teaching more improvements. In the end we want you can move independently and safely through traffic.
Refer people with a license in to us. It will help you remain safely on the road! Take the plunge and make an appointment with us.

The new ride

In our refresher courses, we also give lessons on the latest driving techniques. The latest techniques are environmentally conscious, allowing you to driving safer, and in a fuel-efficient manner.

Interested in a refresher driving lessons at Safety Drivers? Call us on 0641282873 or sign up directly!

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